07 décembre 2021


Hello my name is Gabin and I'm 14 years old 



The first time I set foot in New Zealand

 I was really surprised by the landscape.

I expected to see a lot of fields and plains

 but in the end there were a lot of mountains.

Golf en Nouvelle-Zélande | Choses à voir et à faire en Nouvelle-Zélande







The 2nd day, in the morning I rested in the Airbnb

that I had booked in advance.

In the afternoon I went bungee jumping on the Kawarau bridge and in the evening

I went to eat in a national restaurant.

 The third day I rested in the hotel that I had previously

booked on my phone but in the evening I ate a typical

New Zealand dish, it was the whitebait of fried fish.

It was very good.



The next day I went to visit Hobbiton which

are small houses dug in the ground and according

to the legends it was to live the Hobbit, they are

dwarfs who lived in New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings en The Hobbit-films: beste kijkvolgorde


On the last day I got back to Wallington airport

and flew back to England and back home. 

Stansted Airport Taxis | Flexible Taxis

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